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2018 Sustainability Report

2018 Sustainability Progress Report


Welcome to the 2018 Sustainability Progress Report.

We are pleased to share our major achievements from 2018 across our four focus areas.

In our report you will also find our 2019 commitments, which will be led by Mosaic Forest Management. In sharing forest management, planning, operations and sales, TimberWest and Island Timberlands also share a commitment to continually improve on our performance, across our lands and the communities where we live and work. 

For us, sustainability is about more than measuring and reporting. It is about setting a standard for how decisions are made and being accountable to our partners, our stakeholders, our communities, our employees and our shareholders.

We look forward to continuing on this important journey with you.

Jeff Zweig
President & CEO of Mosaic Forest Management


Committed to Safety

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Partnering with First Nations


Environmental Leadership


Supporting Communities


TimberWest 2018 Sustainability Progress Report


With our affiliation, more can be done to plan and invest for the future of a stable, sustainable and competitive coastal forest sector.

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