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Hunting Season

Mosaic provides several open areas for general hunting opportunities on our private forest land, particularly during deer hunting season.
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Mosaic takes care to manage and protect the forest for the future. We govern access to ensure the safety of the public, reduce the risk of wildfires, prevent damage to sensitive plant ecosystems, and protect endangered species habitat.

Where available, access opportunities to Mosaic private forest lands are for individuals and small groups in designated locations on weekends only. Please refer to the Recreational Access opportunities on this page for details. Overnight stays are not permitted except in designated camping areas.

Access opportunities will change based on operational and weather conditions and may be restricted to ensure public and worker safety, protection of the environment, and the security of assets.



Mosaic provides several open areas for general hunting opportunities on our private forest land, particularly during deer hunting season. Additionally, Mosaic offers access opportunities to hunters who have won Limited Entry Hunt (LEH) tags that involve management units within our private forest lands. 

Please review our website list below (under Recreational Access) for general public openings for hunting, and email us at if you have a LEH tag. 

For First Nations hunting requests, Mosaic prefers to work with local band offices to coordinate access. Please contact Ken Price:


Recreational Access

Public Safety Notices

Harvesting activities will take place along the Alberni Inlet Trail from Thursday, September 12 through approximately Friday, October 4 from 6am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. The affected section of the trail is from Underwood Cove south to Evacuation Point 6.

Radio channels change on September 9, 2019. Radio channels are posted on road signage at the beginning of mainline roads. Please adjust your radio, and always drive safely according to the weather and road conditions. Never rely solely on radio communications as everyone you meet on a resource road may not have, or be using, a radio. Drive safe. Stay safe!

This information last updated September 12, 2019
Please note some changes to access opportunities this week are in light of hunting season.

Island Timberlands Forest Lands

Access PointStatus Hours
Yellow Creek Main and Copp MainOpenWeekends Only, 8am-9pm
Cameron at 0kmOpenWeekends Only, 8am-4pm
Cameron Connector (Access to Mt. Arrowsmith and Labour Day Lake)OpenWeekends Only, 8am-9pm
Loon LakeClosedClosed
Horne Lake North 100ClosedClosed
Ash Main at 22km (Access to Lowry Lake & Scout Beach)OpenWeekends Only, 8am-9pm
Ash Main at 49.4kmOpenWeekends Only, 8am-4pm
Ash Main at 28.6kmOpenWeekends Only, 8am-4pm
Turtle Lake MainOpenWeekends Only, 8am-4pm
Comox Main @ Beaver Cr RdClosedClosed
Comox Main at 9.1kmOpenWeekends Only, 8am-4pm
Comox Main at 15.3kmClosedClosed
Museum MainOpenWeekends Only, 8am-4pm
Northwest Bay MainOpenWeekends Only, 8am-4pm
Chemainus MainOpenWeekends Only, 8am-4pm
Glenora (Shawnigan)ClosedClosed to Motorized Vehicles, open to other users weekends only, 8am-4pm
Buckley BayClosedClosed
Oyster RiverClosedClosed
Nanaimo River CampClosedClosed
* Motorized Vehicles include ATV's, electric bikes and horses with horseshoes. Non-Motorized Vehicles include unmotorized bikes, horses w/o horseshoes, and pedestrians.

TimberWest Forest Lands

Access PointStatus Hours
North IslandClosedClosed
- Comox MainClosedClosed
- Buttle BluffsClosedClosed
- BrownsClosedClosed
- ConstitutionClosedClosed
- CL31ClosedClosed
- CougarClosedClosed
- CranberryClosedClosed
- DumpClosedClosed
- Little AndersonClosedClosed
- MTW1400ClosedClosed
- RailwayClosedClosed
- TrentClosedClosed
- Upper MurexClosedClosed
South Island
All gates from Sooke to Qualicum and Port Alberni.ClosedClosed

Did You Know?

Access opportunities to Mosaic private forest lands are for individuals and small groups in designated locations on weekends only. Where the weekend is a statutory or other holiday, access opportunities will be extended through that weekend holiday period.

Access points that include a number, are branch roads. Where the name of an access point includes a number, that number is the distance in kilometers of the branch road from the Mainline. For example Comox 9.1km is a branch road located at 9.1km along the Comox Mainline.

Access Agreements

Mosaic works with organized groups and clubs who advocate for responsible access to Mosaic’s private forest lands. For us, responsible access means reduced risk of wildfire, safety incidents, vandalism and dumping.

To apply for access to Mosaic’s private forest lands, download and complete the appropriate Land Use Application.

*Not sure which application form to use? No problem – our team reviews both Island Timberlands and TimberWest applications. Use the form you think is the most appropriate for your area of interest.

Access to Mosaic private forest lands may also be obtained by joining an organization that has an Access Agreement with Mosaic. Mosaic has Access Agreements with the following groups and clubs:



Mosaic is pleased to offer overnight camping at designated locations on Northern and Southern Vancouver Island. Campfires are permitted when burning restrictions allow. Firewood is available for purchase onsite while campfires are permitted.

North IslandWillington Point CampsiteOpenBonnie: 250.830.7300 or
North IslandWokas Lake CampsiteOpenBonnie: 250.830.7300 or
North IslandGooseneck Lake CampsiteOpenBonnie: 250.830.7300 or
South IslandCaycuse CampsiteOpen
South IslandHeather CampsiteOpen
South IslandKissinger CampsiteOpen
South IslandLittle Shaw CampsiteOpen
South IslandOld Mill CampsiteOpen
South IslandWindy Point CampsiteOpen
South IslandRiverside CampsiteOpen
South IslandDeadwood CampsiteOpen
South IslandMacktush CampsiteOpen