Our forestry planning takes into account a wide variety of public values well before any harvesting occurs. 

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Key to our success is the ongoing cooperation and mutual respect we share with our communities and partners.

On behalf of TimberWest and Island Timberlands, Mosaic contributes to environmental conservation initiatives and community-based programs. We are honoured to work closely with our neighbours on numerous initiatives with far reaching benefits on Vancouver Island and Coastal BC.

Together, TimberWest and Island Timberlands have contributed over $10 million to a variety of community and environmental causes. Combined, thousands of hectares have been provided for conservation and other efforts. There is great pride in the contributions that have been made to improving our communities and surrounding areas.


Mosaic allows access to TimberWest’s and Island Timberland’s private land for responsible groups and associations. We also provide campsites to the public so they can enjoy the beauty of our natural landscape. Please see the TimberWest Access Note on Facebook, or Island Timberlands Access blog to learn more about access opportunities.

We take great care to manage and protect the forest for the future.  As a result, we govern access firstly with a view to ensuring the safety of the public, together with a focus on reducing the risk of fires, preventing damage to the trees and sensitive plant ecosystems, protecting endangered species habitat, and avoiding vandalism and dumping.

  • Our employees and contractors not only work in and around the communities up and down Vancouver Island, our families live and recreate there.

  • When planning around urban interfaces, we strive to communicate and where appropriate seek input on our activities. 

  • Watersheds, sensitive ecosystems, visual quality, ground stability, veteran trees, and a multitude of other factors are part of the planning process.