The forest is the foundation of TimberWest’s and Island Timberland’s businesses, and maintaining ecological balance is critical for success.


We work hard to ensure our international reputation as an environmentally-responsible supplier of BC coastal timber. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is unwavering and is at the heart of our business. 

Sustainable forest management

Our daily operations are focused on sustainable forest management practices from harvest to new growth. Our foresters, biologists, geologists, hydrologists and operations specialists all complement one another in making sure species are managed, planning layouts consider the landscape, critical habitat is preserved, and new forest stands are nurtured for successful growth. Every year Mosaic Forest Management will plant over 10 million healthy, naturally-occurring seedlings.

Our forest plans adhere to strict government regulations. Beyond that, we also voluntarily commit to an additional level of scrutiny through third-party certification of our forest lands under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.

The SFI program is a rigorous system of environmental and conservation practices for wildlife and water quality protection, biodiversity conservation, sustainable harvesting practices and a wide range of other forest management goals including First Nation engagement. We led the charge, including the first company in Canada to obtain SFI certification of all of its forest lands in the year 2000. The SFI brand is now globally recognized as the largest single forest certification standard in the world with over 110 million hectares certified.

Carbon Footprint

We are committed to doing our part to address climate change. The working forest is a natural carbon sink. This is offset by emissions from harvesting operations. The first step is to fully understand the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain including transportation. TimberWest undertook an end-to-end carbon accounting conducted by KPMG and certified by the Carbon Trust. The intention is to undertake a similar exercise for Island Timberlands. The goal is to achieve carbon neutrality. TimberWest has already committed to achieve this goal within 10 years.