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Firewood cutting opportunities are not currently available. Please check back for updates.



Firewood cutting opportunities are available on Mosaic forest lands when weather and operational conditions permit.

Where available, firewood cutting opportunities on Mosaic forest lands are for individuals and small groups in designated locations on weekends only. Please refer to the Current Firewood Opportunities below for details.

Firewood cutting opportunities will change based on weather and operational conditions and may be restricted to ensure public and worker safety, protection of the environment, and the security of assets.

Safety First!

Safety is Mosaic’s highest priority, no exceptions. When you have a permit and are cutting firewood on Mosaic forest lands, you must wear:

  • Chainsaw pants

  • Sturdy work boots

  • Eye and ear protection

Random onsite checks are made for permits and safety equipment. If you do not have a permit or the required safety gear, your firewood may be confiscated and you will be asked to leave the property. Further penalties and restrictions may also apply.


(This information last updated July 10, 2019)

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