Private Managed Forest Land Act Review Provides Opportunity To Recognize Best Practices


Today, the British Columbia Provincial Government launched a review of the Private Managed Forest Land Act – the law that governs forest management across 278 private managed forests in B.C., including those operated by families, First Nations and companies such as Mosaic Forest Management.

The foundation of the Act is the recognition of private landowner rights and incentivizing private landowners to manage their lands for long-term forest production and commit to sustainable practices.  

Private managed forests are different from private lands – landowners voluntarily join the Managed Forest Program, commit to a higher standard of forest management, and submit their management activities to oversight and regular audits by the Managed Forest Council. 

 “This review is an opportunity to further encourage best practices, while maintaining the flexibility and respect for private ownership that makes the Private Managed Forest Program accessible to large and small landowners alike,” said Jeff Zweig, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mosaic Forest Management Corp. “We are committed to working with the Province of British Columbia, our First Nations partners and our communities to continue to advance social, environmental and economic goals through private forestland management in B.C.”

Mosaic Forest Management goes beyond the requirements provided in the Act and the more than 30 provincial and federal regulations that govern practices on private managed forests. Today the company has independent, third party forest management certification on all of its operations, was the first forest company in Canada to achieve Progressive Aboriginal Relations certification, has a formal commitment to carbon neutrality and verification through the Carbon Trust, and has extensive partnerships with communities and stakeholders on watershed protection, backcountry access, salmon stewardship and numerous other key sustainability issues.  


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