Mosaic Forest Management Reminds Public of Fire Risk and Ongoing Wildfires


Mosaic Forest Management is reminding the public to be fire aware and help prevent wildfires on Vancouver Island, as it battles one fire 30% contained near Port Alberni and finishes mopping up operations on a fire on the North Island near Port Alice on timberlands it manages.

While both these fires are still under investigation, we do know that the majority of wildfires (80%) on Vancouver Island are human-caused.

“We want to ensure that our workers, contractors, public and surrounding communities are safe,” says Domenico Iannidinardo, Vice President, Forest and Sustainability & Chief Forester. “We ask the public to practice responsible land access and if a fire is required that it is properly extinguished and cold to the touch before moving on. We are working closely with the BC Wildfire Service to ensure the public remains safe, and we are grateful for their service, and for every member of the teams helping to contain these fires.”

“We all play a part in being vigilant and a share a responsibility for keeping the surrounding forests free of fire,” continued Mr. Iannidinardo. “If you see smoke or signs of a wildfire, please call the BC Wildfire Service immediately. Containing a wildfire is a challenging undertaking, and the sooner the firefighters can get to it, the more likely it can be contained quickly with less smoke and forest damage.”

Mosaic Forest Management has a dedicated fire-fighting helicopter for early detection and attack. It has worked on both fires alongside BC Wildfire aircraft. Additional resources include real time access to 37 weather stations measuring specific site, weather and dryness conditions; aerial and ground-based surveillance, 100 all-terrain fire trucks; well stocked depots with pumps and hoses; trained crews in initial attack and forest fire fighting – all serving as a critical first line of defense.

In 2018, there were 66 fires across Mosaic-managed lands. The direct fire-fighting cost to the company was significant, in addition to the impact to standing timber.

mosaic forest management fire-fighting helicopter.JPG

Always report smoke or wildfires to the BC Wildfire Service at 1-800-663-5555, or *5555 on cell phones.

Please download the Mosaic fact sheet on fires and fire safety.

For weekly updated information for access opportunities to our private lands, please visit the Access section of our website:.

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