The highest priority of the Affiliation is safety. Nothing supersedes it. We believe all injuries are preventable and that is our goal. Nothing short of ensuring everyone goes home safely every single day is acceptable.


Mosaic’s safety system is predicated on the three pillars:

  1. Engineering the risk out where possible

  2. Employing leading safety policies, standards and procedures

  3. Moving the safety culture from one of rules-based “compliance” to one of true “commitment” to zero harm, where every individual is devoted to their own safety and those around them

Underpinning these pillars is an unrelenting dedication to improving safety performance of the staff and crew at TimberWest and Island Timberlands, as well as the thousands of employees who work for our contractors. To do this, we benchmark against the best in the world, analyze and deploy new safety technology, and learn from every incident, no matter how small.